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  • Blog Post: New UI Performance Analysis Tool for WPF Applications

    In Visual Studio 2013, we added a new XAML UI Responsiveness tool in the performance and diagnostics hub to enable you to analyze application interaction-related performance issues in your XAML Windows Store applications. Since then, we’ve gotten a number of requests to support WPF applications...
  • Blog Post: Preview: WPF 4 Unleashed - Why WPF, and What About Silverlight

    Hey WPFers, WPF4 Unleashed has been, well, unleashed! Get a preview of Chapter 1 @ . Enjoy! My name is Ted Hu, a Senior Program Manager for the WPF Team. I love hearing from customers - please let me know what you think!
  • Blog Post: WPF 4 Series: Getting Started

    Hey WPFers - Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET Framework 4 have been available since April 2010. In it, the WPF team delivered a great set of oft-requested features and capabilities that many customers asked for: Cached Composition LayoutRounding CleartypeHinting BindableRun...
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