March, 2007

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    Bootcamp Lecture

    We gave a lecture on 3D yesterday at a "WPF Bootcamp" event and I've attached the slides. Here's the outline: Intro to WPF3D with a simple example Interactive 2D on 3D Performance tips (based on this paper ) -- Jordan
  • WPF3D Team Blog

    Material Behavior

    What Material you choose will impact your GeometryModel3D in three ways: Lighting model Depth write Blend with the back buffer The first one is straightforward since it's right in the name of the Material plus it's documented. The last...
  • WPF3D Team Blog

    Flickr Photo Browser Source Code Now Available

    In the Channel9 video showing the 2D on 3D feature found in the 3DTools Codeplex project, we demoed a photo browsing application that made use of 2D on 3D and that talked to Flickr for images. I'm happy to announce that the source code for this application...
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    3DTools v1.01 Released

    We just released the 1.01 version of the 3DTools for the Windows Presentation Foundation. This update fixes a few small bugs found in the 1.0 release. You can get the new version from here:
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