September, 2007

  • WPF3D Team Blog

    Blender Exporter on CodePlex - Looking for volunteers...

    In July I promised to track down the Blender exporter that was lost during the GotDotNet phase out. The last version of the export script is now hosted on CodePlex ( here ). I am embarrassed that it has taken me this long to do this, and even more so...
  • WPF3D Team Blog


    Charles Petzold has posted his WPF3D library on the web. It includes sphere, cube, cylinder, torus, line, and teapot mesh generation. Buying his book 3D Programming for Windows grants you royalty-free use of the library so be sure to check it out!...
  • WPF3D Team Blog

    Cel Shading

    Charles Petzold has been experimenting with cel shading on his blog at the request of Chris Cavanagh (whom has updated his 3D physics XBAP btw). Though we do use shaders internally, WPF3D's API is fixed function so you have to dig out the ol' fixed function...
  • WPF3D Team Blog

    Subclassing UIElement3D

    Subclassing from UIElement3D to create your own elements that respond to input, focus and eventing is simple to do in 3.5. In this example we'll create a Sphere class which derives from UIElement3D and will show off some new features in the process. ...
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