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  • Blog Post: WPF3D Lighting and Shading

    We use the standard fixed-function Blinn-Phong model . You can read up on all of the equations here at MSDN. If you have a Tier 2 card, we actually do our lighting in a vertex shader. If you don’t have a Tier 2 card, we do the lighting on the CPU. Why not just use D3D9’s fixed-function APIs you might...
  • Blog Post: Cel Shading

    Charles Petzold has been experimenting with cel shading on his blog at the request of Chris Cavanagh (whom has updated his 3D physics XBAP btw). Though we do use shaders internally, WPF3D's API is fixed function so you have to dig out the ol' fixed function playbook to achieve fancier effects. The plays...
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