WPF is proud to introduce the new DataGrid control and our control improvements for 3.5 SP1! In 3.5 SP1, the WPF Controls team invested heavily in improvements to our controls infrastructure to enable a performant, full-featured DataGrid in our next release. A CTP of our new DataGrid control is available on CodePlex.

The WPF team is excited to debut our new WPF DataGrid control! DataGrid is an essential feature for many applications and the WPF Controls team is working hard on developing a full-featured DataGrid equipped to meet our customers’ most common scenarios. To support the DataGrid initiative, in 3.5 SP1 WPF invested heavily in controls and data improvements to make our grid faster, more powerful, and more robust. These improvements included Item Container Recycling, Deferred Scrolling, Virtualization Extensions, MultiSelector, TreeView Virtualization, and more.

Read on for a preview of DataGrid features and an overview of the new controls and data features in 3.5 SP1 at "DataGrid Preview & Control Investments in WPF 3.5 SP1".  Also remember to try out the DataGrid CTP on our new WPF Codeplex site! 

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