Gianpaolo's SaaS

Gianpaolo's SaaS

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Must read Gianpaolo’s BLOG at My 2006 SaaS Posts Hit Parade. In case if you feel that you need more number of hits to reach there here it is J


#1 SaaS Simple Maturity Model


#2 Understanding SaaS Architecture Powerpoint Presentation


#3 SaaS Architectures


#4 SaaS ISV Architecture Questionnaire version 1.0


#5 TechEd US SaaS Presentation Available Online


#6 SaaS in the enterprise (or the need of the external service bus?!)


#7 Introduction to SaaS Architecture Podcast


#8 Mr. and Mrs. CIO SaaS will not make your life simpler (but it is not necessarily a bad thing)


#9 SaaS and Biology


#10 SaaS and IT Governance


#11 The “multi-tenant” emperor has not clothes


#12 SaaS: An Enterprise Perspective




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