2008: Microsoft will rule

2008: Microsoft will rule

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Be ready from 2008. Set of products from Microsoft are releasing then.


Windows Server 2008

SQL Server 2008

Visual Studio 2008 are the few names and so many other related technologies based on these major products.


So be ready and start upgrading yourself. Browse MSDN/TechNet and know more about these products. Talk about these products and impress your boss. Be the boss of technology at your workplace. Blog these products. Enjoy.





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  • Win2k8 and SQL2k8 look like goodies but both are upgrades to good and stable products. As for VS2k8, there's a ton of new (and good) features on top of a slow and buggy VSTS 2005.

    We would hope to reach a stable and confortable version before adding features. SQL2k5 SP2 can pretend to stability and performance but VSTS 2005 SP1 (+ hotfixes) cannot. Form designer crashing, lost files, occasional project corroptions,  and lots of other problems plague the product. And as a collegue puts it, "it's slow as turtle on valium".

    Can we hope for a VS SP2 before contemplating Orcas? I am waiting for Orcas's features as much as everybody (already started ASP/WF/WCF/WPF/Silverlight projects) but we are better off with less tools and less bugs.

  • hmmmm, Yes it seems it can be an impressive year for us in web development. waiting for 2008

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