What do I have to do if I install IIS after Visual Studio

What do I have to do if I install IIS after Visual Studio

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What happens if you install you Visual Studio then realize that you need IIS for you application to test and run. We often do this. I have seen people uninstalling Visual Studio and then installing it again after IIS to make sure ASP.NET works fine.

Wow!! There is an easy way to do it,

Open the command prompt for Visual Studio 2008. Run the following command

aspnet_regiis –i


Install this version of ASP.NET and update scriptmaps at  the IIS metabase root and for all scriptmaps below the root. Existing scriptmaps of lower version are upgraded to

this version. (this is from product documentation help text)


You can also check if the specific ASP.Net version is already attached with IIS by using –lv.




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  • I have done these but nothing happened! I still have problem with my website. It has the following message:

    "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"!

    I use Visual Studio 2008 nad IE 8.0.

  • Run VS 2010 command prompt in Administrator (Mode)......... then enter command details.

  • thank you

    it is very useful for me

  • How do you open up the visual studio command prompt in VS 2010?

  • Start Menu of Windows and type "Command" it should show you the command prompt for VS 2010

  • Thank you .. that worked

  • If I don't install IIS first, Visual Studio forces me to right click on it and "Run As Administrator" every time I use it. If all is installed in the correct order it does not behave that way.

  • how to deploy the asp.net application in server

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