Immediate Window is missing in Visual Studio Menu

Immediate Window is missing in Visual Studio Menu

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When you do not see “Immediate” window under Debug menu of Visual Studio you may get frustrated. But there is a quick way to get it when required,


Go to View > Other Windows > Command Window or press Ctrl+W, A


Then type immed. It will bring the Immediate Window.


And inside the Immediate Window if you type cmd it will bring the Command Window back again.



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  • Preciso estar linkado com o missing in VSM

  • This is the most useful window in the whole IDE and it seems that with every release MS has some problem with making it visible. Who in the world uses the damn Command Window, which seems to be the only way to get to it, and which MS always features prominently with no trouble?

  • This is mainly the ONLY window i use. Why would MS make it so irritating to find? They seem out of touch with developer needs.

  • Or you can simply type Ctrl+G and it will bring up the Immediate Window.

  • Thank You

  • I find the same thing - Microsoft always seems to make the most useful things the hardest to find.  The most irritating example is the Navigate Forward/back toolbar buttons that are a HUGE timesaver.  Yet, they don't ever seem to appear on any of the toolbars - instead you get all kinds of similar looking icons that do some oddball function you'll never use....

  • Thank you very much, I was very frustrated trying to get it back and now finding it anywhere.

  • Or in Visual Studio 2010 goto

    Debug > Windows > Immediate

  • thank you - simple and straight forward answer without straying from purpose

  • many thanks - I was going mad trying to find it.


  • Thank you.

  • There isn't the option of a Command Window under Other Windows (or anywhere else I've looked) in VB.NET 2008 Express.

    Maybe it's only in the Full Version. It's very frustrating not being able to check simple functions as to their being equivalent to VB6 functions. At present I'm finding VB.NET one of the most user-hostile languages I've used.

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