Visual Studio 2010 Working Offline

Visual Studio 2010 Working Offline

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Today I found one interesting stuff while I was away from corpnet and changing the source code. It was asking me to override while saving the file. I did it as because I had done some work there. Later when I was connected to the corpnet I right clicked and selected the option “Go Online”. All my changes are back to the source code. Very simple and convenient.


Team Foundation Server 2010 Source Control is simply amazing.


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  • You forgot to mention the really awkward and annoying part where if you still have a solution open when you go offline and then it tries to contact the server every time you do an edit or save a file.

    Obviously this behaviour can be changed in the vs settings, but it is still very inflexible for switching between offline/online working when compared with some other SCM tools

  • @Guy,

    But my experience is different. For me it never tried to connect to TFS.

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