TechEd 2011 India - Special

TechEd 2011 India - Special

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I have been following TechEds since 2005. This time India TechEd 2011 is very special to me. I am delivering session called

Data Access Methodologies: When to choose what (ADO.NET, Entity Framework, LINQ, WCF Data Services) and the official abstract says,

Often an Application requires to access database. A lot of evolving data access technologies are available today from Microsoft. Choose the right one for right type of your application (Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight etc). Find which one is the best fit for you from ADO.NET, LINQ, ADO.NET Entity Framework, and WCF Data Services. This session will also highlight on the future investments of data access technologies from Microsoft and help you decide the right one.

With this I am very excited to talk about different data access technologies available today and what you need to know when to choose what. This talk will give you an idea about what is there in various different options we have today. We will focus on ADO.NET Entity Framework v4 and WCF Data Services. Hoping to make it a demo intensive talk - to me 1 hour is very less to cover this most debated area and moreover to a audience of experienced industry folks. 

I need your best of luck for my session at TechEd 2011 - pray for the projector and demo to run smoothly as expected.

Wish you to see there and connect personally.


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  • I am feeling great to be there in your session , It was very informative and we loved it.

    BTW yours was the only presentation i attended at TechEd where the demo worked perfectly fine with first run.

    Thanks.And looking forward to you for some more interesting articles and sessions.



  • Was a nice session, concise and easy to understand.

    keep up the good work and btw can you please share the ppt

  • I have attended this session and I was expecting some guidelines for choosing right technology for data access. This session gave overview of all Data access technology and talked more on what is Entity Framework.

    My expectation after looking at title of session was guidelines and comparisions to choose right data access technologies.

  • Hi Wriju,

     I was there in the session and also participated in other sessions as well, but your session was so crowdy, there're many people couldn't find a seat. Your session was really good but i think it couldn't cover everything in one hour. Could you please help me in choosing when to use what?


  • Thanks everyone for finding my Blog though I did not get time to share the contact info and blog. However, I totally agree with you regarding the less time. Data Access is vast and covering all of them in one hour is really bit tough. I am planning to share the demo here. For PPT and recording please keep watching the TechEd 2011 India site. I will also post the link here once it is published.

    Thanks again for attending and I am happy to hear that you have liked it.



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