Code First EF 4.1 : Missing “ADO.NET DbContext Generator” VS Template

Code First EF 4.1 : Missing “ADO.NET DbContext Generator” VS Template

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I have seen people coming back to me asking questions about the template visible in Visual Studio 2010 as “ADO.NET DbContext Generator”. This template allows you to create the POCO classes and the context for CodeFirst from already existing edmx file.

The template in Visual Studio looks like


But missing. But why?

At times if you have used NuGet package manager to install the EF 4.1 then the ADO.NET DbContext Generator would not come.

This template gets installed only when you install the complete EF 4.1 from MSDN here


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  • No matter how simple, if a shared info helps a colleague, the person sharing deserves the title - "Great":)

    thanks, E

  • update the link to release from RC -

  • If you can't find DBContext Code Generator in your Visual Studio Refer this link to install DBContext code generator:

  • I am having the problem. I am dealing with EF 4.2 and the only way to installing it appears to be through NuGet. So how do I get the ADO.NET DbContext Generator?

  • Or.. prob the easiest way there is, click on online templates on the left side, choose "ADO.NET DbContext Generator" there.. easy!

  • Thanks bud!, this sure helped me out

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