Available Windows Phone 8 MSDN Webcast Recording

Available Windows Phone 8 MSDN Webcast Recording

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We have recently done the webcast series for Windows Phone 8. Below are the recordings

Getting Started with Windows Phone 8 – Development Tools & Dev Center

By Wriju Ghosh (@wriju_ghosh) 



Designing Apps for Windows Phone 8

By Ujjwal Kumar 



Application Lifecycle for Windows Phone 8

By Ujjwal Kumar



Building Apps for Windows Phone 8

By Wriju Ghosh 



Windows Phone Store and making your apps submission ready

By Ujjwal Kumar



How to download?

Click on the link and it will show you the same registration page. Enter Live id and you will be able to see the download link.



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  • Hi Wriju,

    Thanks for sharing it. But how can I download the same, the link is just carrying me to the event nut there is no recordings available for download


  • Notice there is a download button once you login. You will be able to download.

  • Thank You so much Sir :D

  • Hmm.. even after I log in with my LiveId-Account I cannot see anything to downlopad. Instead I see a page where I have to fill in a lot of mandatory fields I don't have (e.g. business account??).

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