I’m a little behind on the OData news front (I blame this on a mountain of //build work I needed to get done), but here are a few interesting items that have recently occurred in the OData world:

OASIS Approves OData 4.0 Standards for an Open, Programmable Web

This is good news for the OData protocol and its JSON format, and should drive adoption beyond just the key signatories, such as Microsoft, IBM, RedHat, SAP, CA, Citrix and Blackberry.

Future Direction of WCF Data Services

This interesting post by Mike Pizzo (who is incidentally an editor on the OASIS OData Technical Committee) indicates that the Web API folks would be taking lead on implementing OData v4 support on the server-side, and that internally teams are migrating from WCF Data Services to Web API. WCF Data Services also wants to go open source, with community support (check out the lively discussions in response to this post and Mike’s comments on going full OSS).


Glenn Gailey