About WG's Logbook


About WG's Logbook

Hi! My name is Wolfgang Grieskamp and people sometimes just call me WG. You are looking at my 'logbook', where I post ever now and then articles about modeling, testing, and related subjects.

Who am I? Not sure about that... But I do know what I do. In general, I'm in the business of designing and implementing languages and software development tools. One of my hot topics, since quite some years, is the model-based testing tool Spec Explorer. I'm right now an architect in Microsoft's Windows division, where I focus on Spec Explorer and other modeling technology. I used to be a researcher at Microsoft Research before.

I'm also trying to be a father of a wonderful young daugther that speaks Chinese, German, and English. Together with my wife and family, I live close to Lake Sammamish in Redmond.

I hope you will enjoy my logbook. Welcome!