I had the honor to give an invited talk about the application of Spec Explorer for protocol documentation testing at the 21st IFIP Int. Conference on Testing of Communicating Systems and the 9th Int. Workshop on Formal Approaches to Testing of Software, TESTCOM/FATES. This was a bit of a home match, as this conference is one of the yearly summits of the model-based testing experts in the world, and I surely did not need to convince anybody of the approach… However, the talk contains some discussion of efficiency numbers we measured when applying MBT in the documentation testing program, and this was exciting news to this community.

Click on the cover below if you want to take a look at the slide deck. Needless to say that this talk represents work of many, not just of me:

TestComTalkCover The material covered there is similar as in an upcoming journal article Nico, Keith and I wrote. It is in the publishing pipeline for STVR, and as soon as it is ready, I will post a link. In the meantime, you could glance a short version of this paper, which is a bit older and therefore does not contain the empirical results about MBT efficiency, here (this links leads you to an IEEE site… you’ll need a subscription if you want to download the paper from this site).