February, 2010

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About WG's Logbook

Hi! My name is Wolfgang Grieskamp and people sometimes just call me WG. You are looking at my 'logbook', where I post ever now and then articles about modeling, testing, and related subjects.

Who am I? Not sure about that... But I do know what I do. In general, I'm in the business of designing and implementing languages and software development tools. One of my hot topics, since quite some years, is the model-based testing tool Spec Explorer. I'm right now an architect in Microsoft's Windows division, where I focus on Spec Explorer and other modeling technology. I used to be a researcher at Microsoft Research before.

I'm also trying to be a father of a wonderful young daugther that speaks Chinese, German, and English. Together with my wife and family, I live close to Lake Sammamish in Redmond.

I hope you will enjoy my logbook. Welcome!


  • Wolfgang Grieskamp's Logbook

    Spec Explorer Webcast in German Online

    In case you are capable of the German language, Christian Binder has posted an interview with me taken during TechED 2009 in Berlin, and we augmented it with an extended Webcast of using Spec Explorer, including its application by Microsoft for the Protocol...
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