Thank you to everyone who attend our SharePoint as a Development Platform event in Irvine, CA today Dec 10th.  We hope this event helped your organizations in further realizing the return on your existing SharePoint investment via Enterprise SharePoint Development. Enterprise Application Development on the SharePoint Platform enables a multitude of SharePoint benefits to be coupled with the power of the .NET platform. This combination allows the creation of flexible, integrated and secure line-of-business applications to be built in a fraction of the time of traditional development.

I want to thank all the presenters - Jay Schmelzer/Microsoft Group Program Manager for Visual Studio, David Gorgone/Microsoft Sharepoint TSP, John Roe/speakTECH Technology Specialist and Toby Zapf/speakTECH Solutions Architect.  They helped articulate Microsoft’s current and long term strategy for the Microsoft SharePoint Platform and supporting Development Tools. I hope everyone came away with a better understanding of the exciting world of Enterprise SharePoint Development!

You can find a link to the presentation slides for this event at the end of this blog entry.   Feel free to email me with any questions at .