Welcome to the Windows Store Developer Solutions blog!

Why another Windows 8 blog? There is already a ton of great information out there on MSDN Docs, Channel 9, and even the Windows Store for Developers blog. They provide the information critical to building great, attractive apps. Our job is to provide solutions. A good solution requires intelligent application of information towards a problem; throw in some real world context and you have the makings of a useful blog.

The authors of this blog make up the team at Microsoft that provide developer support to the community in the MSDN Forums, as well as assisted support to developers who contact us directly through our support portal. We are subject matter experts in UI, Media, Web, and Mobile development; core technologies for Windows Store app development. Out experiences supporting this platform gives us a unique point of view into the challenges facing real developers working on real projects. These scenarios span from the weekend warrior making the next great must-play, to large companies working on line of business apps to make lives in the enterprise easier. We see it all, and through this experience we come away with some incredibly useful (and interesting) solutions to scenarios that can help and inspire other developers.

So how does this work? We take our experience supporting developers of Windows Store apps, understand the scenarios that are behind the questions and problems developers encounter, and combine them into an article with context to help educate our community of developers. When you reach out to us in the forums or speak to us directly in an assisted support case, you are improving the product through documentation and product feedback. We realized that same feedback could be packaged in a way to help other developers in a way content or product changes alone may not.

Comments are welcome, both below and on twitter: #WSDevSol. Here's to solution based development!

Dan Reagan
Team Manager
Windows Store Developer Solutions Team