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  • Blog Post: Accessibility Gotchas 2: High Contrast

    The next accessibility gotcha that we see regularly is poor support for high contrast modes. The high level concepts are the same for Xaml and for HTML, but the specific methods to solve them and some of the low level issues are different. High contrast mode makes it easier for some low-vision users...
  • Blog Post: Accessibility Gotchas 1: Xaml ListView speaks in tongues

    I keep having the same conversation with a blind colleague: It always starts out well: Rob! Did you hear that Contoso has published their app to the Windows Store? It should be great! I’ve really been looking forward to this one! But then goes down hill: But I can’t use it… it...
  • Blog Post: Accessibility Gotchas: Introduction

    Accessibility is about enabling everybody to use your app even if limitations or environment prevent using conventional user interfaces. Enabling applications for accessibility opens up new and enthusiastic markets. You can mark your app as accessible so it shows up in searches and you can crow about...
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