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  • Blog Post: Multi MediaElement - A Playlist Solution (next item no waiting)

    We get quite a few questions in the forums about how to handle playlists when using the MediaElement. I’m defining playlist as a series of songs, videos, etc. that play sequentially one after another. Unfortunately the MediaElement doesn’t support native playlist capability. This is an interesting...
  • Blog Post: Frame of reference: keeping the music playing across pages

    A musical score is a great way to add zip to your app, but many people are stumped because the Xaml MediaElement will play music only when it’s in the visual tree. When the user navigates to a new page the music stops. This brings up the frequent question: How can I keep the music playing when...
  • Blog Post: Mixed Media – Audio & Video – Windows Store vs. Windows Phone 8

    As everyone knows, with the release of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 we have brought the two platforms closer together than ever before. The keyword here is “closer”. There are still some fairly major implementation and terminology differences between the two platforms particularly when working...
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