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  • Blog Post: Creating a WebSite for Polling Live Tiles

    You can very easily have your app Poll for Live Tiles. What is cool about that is that you don't have to register for Push Notifications and you can easily show updates to all users of your apps with low overhead. Also, the user never has to run your app for Live Tiles to update. Review of the App...
  • Blog Post: Background Tasks – Myths and Realities

    A few weeks ago I was searching the forums looking for “hot spots” and noticed that there were a lot of misconceptions around Background Tasks. After about an hour of searching I was able to put together a list of what I feel are common misconceptions about Background Tasks. In the spirit...
  • Blog Post: Taking the phone to the 3rd dimension - Direct3D on Windows Phone 8 for Windows 8 Store app developers

    There are a lot of really great tutorials explaining how to get the most out of Direct3D on the Windows 8 Store or Windows Phone 8 platforms. In this blog I’m going to try to compare the two, focusing on what is different on the phone. Since I am going to be focusing on the phone I make some assumptions...
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