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November, 2004

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    Moderation and Las Vegas.

    It seems that some *$@% has figured that he can start using my Blog as a place to SPAM everybody. So, I've turned moderation on. This will keep it out of everybody's RSS feed. Sorry, one bad apple. I promise, I will, without personal regard, post all...
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    Developing the next round of content.

    Well, I spent this week in Redmond developing the content for January-March of 05. You're going to love it. We've put together a great session on building WinForms applications... and some cool ones I might add... and a session on debugging ASP.NET applications...
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    In my front yard...

    Ok... just had to show everybody this... not only do I have a problem with deer, but now, I'm starting to get the "weird" deer. Check out this picture of one I just took in my yard. http://www.wjsteele.com/blogimages/deer.jpg . I see several deer everyday...
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