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January, 2005

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    MSDN Events in Lousiville and Cincy this week.

    Don't forget to attend my MSDN Events in Lousiville, KY and Cincinnati, Ohio (Actually, Newport, KY, but who's counting.) this week. Tomorrow, I'll be down in good ole Louisville (silent 'S' in the pronounciation.) Tim Landgrave will be down there giving...
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    Update to the Digital Cockpit Project.

    Well, I just posted another picture of my Digital Cockpit Project: http://www.wjsteele.com/images/efis.jpg . This one shows the new modern looking display. (This is a first generation of it, the later version isn't running on my hardware, just in VS.NET...
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    My Digital Cockpit Panel

    Ok... Everybody's interested in what I am doing for my airplane. As a lot of you know (or might have heard ) I am doing some interesting stuff for my RV8A Cockpit. Yep... I'm going to be running Windows in my plane. A lot of people are going to immediatly...
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    Dayton and Mansfield

    Ok... this week my events are in Mansfield, Ohio and Dayton, Ohio. I've got some rocking content as evidenced by my event yesterday in Mansfield... it was Great! First, we're going to show you some very cool things you can do with WinForms... in a session...
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