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An Effort At Communication!

August, 2005

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    This will be one busy week for me!

    Ok, Folks... I'm back at full speed! Here's my schedule for the week. Monday, 2:00PM EST - Webcast: Implementing Security for Mobile Device Solutions Tuesday: 1:00PM EST - Live Event: East Lansing (Okemos), Michigan Wednesday: All Day - Personal...
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    My Flying Car Concept.

    Well... here it is, the first official drawing of my Flying Car design. What do you think? Bill
  • William J. Steele's WebLog

    My mind is racing...

    Well, made it home from Oshkosh lastnight. That was one heck of a trip! However, a thought keeps bouncing back and fourth in my mind... A Flying Car. Now, don't think I'm crazy until you hear me out. Think about this. The FAA killed the flying car...
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