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January, 2006

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    ASP.NET 2.0 Soup to Nuts: User Settings

    Well... getting ready for Today's webcast. Here is the sample code. This session will be about how you can store user settings in the profile system of ASP.NET 2.0. We'll cover various aspects like Anonymous profile settings, Authenticated profile...
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    I love my job!

    As I sit here writing next months webcast content, it occured to me... I love this job. When I first decided to accept this position as the Great Lakes Developer Community Champion 2 years ago, I was cautioned by a few of my fellow coworkers that I'd...
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    ASP.NET Soup to Nuts series.

    Well, we've been busy. By popular request, we've developed a simple, yet effective "landing page" for this series. It will contain links to all past web casts in this series as well as links to the upcoming webcasts. One note, the even on the 13th...
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    ASP.NET Soup to Nuts: Web Site Security

    Hi Folks... It's me from Sunny Seattle Washington! Just kidding... it's raining again. That makes 21 days straight! Anyway, here's the demo code from the webcast. Bill
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