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December, 2007

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    WPF Soup To Nuts: Helpful Tools

    Here it is at last, the final installment of the WPF Soup To Nuts webcast series. In this last part of our 18 part webcast series on WPF, I will be talking about some of the tools you can use to help your user experience design. I will talk about XAMLPad...
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    ASUS Eee PC Review

    Wow... a product review from me? Normally, I wouldn't do something like this, but this machine is so good, I had too. The product is the ASUS Eee PC (Buy.com for $349.) This is a very small "sub notebook" computer. It is a solid state machine with...
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    What would you do?

    So, after my webcast today, I went down to the local KFC and ordered a chicken wing meal. While I was sitting there, a guy ordered the buffet. He got a salad and a plate of chicken from the buffet. To my suprise, he pulled a bag out of his coat and hid...
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    What's new in Visual Studio 2008: Office Development

    As promised, attached is the demo code for my last webcast on What's new in Visual Studio 2008. Happy holidays! Bill
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    What's New In Visual Studio 2008 Webcast

    Here is the demo code for Today's Whats New In Visual Studio 2008: New Language Features of VB9 and C# 3 Webcast. You can view the webcast right here . Don't forget, this Wednesday is the final webcast in this series, where we will be talking about...
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