So, after my webcast today, I went down to the local KFC and ordered a chicken wing meal.  While I was sitting there, a guy ordered the buffet.  He got a salad and a plate of chicken from the buffet.  To my suprise, he pulled a bag out of his coat and hid it on the inside of his coat and proceeded to put the chicken from his plate in the plastic bag.

He was looking around making sure none of the employees saw him do it, so he knew it was against their policy/rules for the buffet.  I just sat there quietly eating my wings.  After a while, he finished his salad and proceeded back to the buffet and promptly got another plate of chicken.  When he returned to his table, he started eating a piece and put the rest in his bag again.

I was suprised that he was doing this, but I decided at that point not to say anything because he was "obviously" doing it because of his situation.  Or so I thought.

Not two minutes after this... I heard a cell phone ring.  Guess who?  It was that guy's phone.  He pulled it out of his pocket, answered it and ASKED THE OTHER PERSON ON THE PHONE IF THEY WANTED ANYTHING FROM KFC!  Can you belive that?

Now, my feelings about this guy completely changed as did my reaction.  However, my intention of this post isn't to tell you how I handled it, but to ask you... what would you do?