W always have more data in the works that has yet to make it to the main WWT datasets. If you would like to have a look at them, join these two communities.

wwtdatacommunitylogoTo join the WWT Data Community, click here ! The datasets in here are as reliable as other datasets in WWT - you can use them in tours without fear that their storage location will change in the near future.

The initial datasets available in the WWT Data Community are the following:

  • A first attempt to smooth out the Digitized Sky Survey using modern blending techniques. While we cannot yet provide full details on how this was made or by whom, the SphereStitch project page does provide some details. The screenshots below are from there - the left is the existing background while the right has the processed version. And yes, there will be more work on this - what you see here is only the beginning. And yes, we know about the need to flat-field it.

ssdss1before5 ssdss1after5

  • The Near-UV and Far-UV versions of the GALEX Release 2/3 data. WWT currently displays the combined version. We are currently, thanks to folks at the Space Telescope Science Institute and at NASA SkyView, working on processing GALEX 4.
  • The panoramas from the Denver Museum of Natural History by DMNS Curator Kachun Yu. We blogged about this in a previous post.

wwtexpcollageOwing to the way our team is structured, we also have some datasets that are new and useful but whose storage cannot be relied on to continue. (In other words, use them as storage at your own risk!) Datasets hosted here will eventually move to the main WWT Data Community once their storage has been stabilized. But to see the latest data processed by us, join the WWT Data Experimental Community. Currently it has the latest press releases from the Hubble Space Telescope and top-level TOAST tile boundaries for sky and planet views.


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