Those using WWT today may notice some new datasets in there. Preliminary versions of these datasets have been in the WWT Data and Experimental communities for the past month. You can find them under All-Sky Surveys.

image image image

The DSS Smoothed dataset is a initial attempt to eliminate the seams in the Digitized Sky Survey background. You can find more details about it here. There’s an interesting story here, but we aren’t allowed to tell it … yet.

The GALEX Ultraviolet datasets have been upgraded with their latest data release, GR4. We were using GR2/3 before. The new release covers twice the sky as the old release. The data for this is thanks to the Multimission Archive (MAST) at the Space Telescope Science Institute. Processing was done using the SkyView Virtual Telescope from NASA.

The two GLIMPSE datasets are high-resolution images of the galactic plane using data collected from the Spitzer Space Telescope. This data is from NASA, JPL-CalTech and the University of Wisconsin.


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