We have put out a couple of tools for people to convert their own data to WWT format. You can process pictures of individual objects in the sky using WWT StudyChopper, and low and medium resolution panoramas, planetary textures, and sky surveys using WWT SphereToaster. You will still have to put the files created on the internet yourself, but once you do that, they will be accessible using WTML files to other WWT users.

The tools can be found from the Downloads page here. They are both installed with a single installation file.

Once you install the WWT Academic Development Kit, you can access it from your Start Menu :


Extensive documentation is found in the equivalent of your folder C:\Program Files\Microsoft Research\WWT-ADK\doc . Or you can just have a look at the manuals here: StudyChopper.pdf , SphereToaster.pdf .

Caveat: This is an alpha version.


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