Foreground Studies

So there you are, happily making a tour and want to fade in a picture of some study. You get your camera all aligned, and then click on the thumbnail of the study. And then WWT promptly moves to a new position so that you can see the study as a whole, but losing your old camera position! What you should do instead is click on the 'image' inset of the thumbnail. That's the bit circled in orange below. That sets the study image to be a foreground image but doesn't go to it.



Searching in WWT

WWT has more than just the most obvious option shown below


There's another Search mechanism, which resolves alternate names much more thoroughly, using the external SIMBAD database maintained by the wonderful people at CDS (Centre de Données astronomiques de Strasbourg) in France.



Better planets in Solar System Mode

If you have a really snazzy graphics card, you should give the image option in Settings a go. Here's how Mars looks like in the 3D mode without (left) and with (right) the option set.

image image

Seeing Eclipses

imageA well-known feature of WWT is being able to see eclipses in 2d. What's often not realized is that you can see them in 3d as well. Here's a shot of the July 22 eclipse later this year. You can see the shadow of the moon over China in the picture before. It's the big black blob. One thing to note when you're using this option - ensure that the Planet Size is set to Actual!



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