Well we have done it now. Just like sky-net, we have broken the bonds of installation and hopped on to the web.

Last week we announced our preview of the new WWT Web client. The web client not only allows access to a large part of WWT's functionality without having to run a full setup, but it allows access to a whole group of new people.

  • Intel Mac User
  • User who don't want to take the time to install a download.
  • People whose machines don't meet the minimum system requirements.
  • Users who want a one-click experience from web sites to view images or tours.
  • When Moonlight 2.0 is available, Linux users will also be able to come to the party.

One of the coolest aspects of the new Web Client is that almost all the Sky, Earth, Planet and Panorama functionality runs nearly identically, with the same 3D spherical experience as in the Windows Client.

Having the web version allows you to create a link to WWT with our GOTO and ShowImage links that almost anyone can instantly see without having to wait for a client install.

We are also have our SDK documentation underway and will be soon posting preliminary drops of them for feedback. This will make it much easier to build solutions of your own using WTML, Communities and the new WWT Web Control.

There are still a number of surprises in store when we have our feature complete release the Web Client so stay tuned.



Originally posted by Jonathan Fay. Migrated to new blog location by derickc.