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June, 2007

  • Issues concerning X++

    Operator precedence of && and ||

    There is an issue concerning logical expressions (i.e. expressions that are evaluated to true or false, a.k.a Boolean expressions) in X++. The essence of this issue is that the X++ language is not aligned with other languages in its precedence of the...
  • Issues concerning X++

    Dynamics AX eventing

    Abstract : The following blog presents two useful ways to perform communication between classes in Dynamics AX. An event mechanism is presented for this, which, if adopted by the application development community, has the potential of making the ISV...
  • Issues concerning X++

    TechEd 2007 InfoPath demo bits.

    At TechEd in Orlando a few weeks ago, I did a demostration of how InfoPath can be used as an easy client for submitting XML documents to Dynamics AX. The only glue you need to provide is a simple web service that pushes the XML document into the business...
  • Issues concerning X++

    Welcome to the X++ blog

    Hello, The X++ team is happy to provide the X++ blog as a vehicle of communication between the X++ team at microsoft and any users of the X++ language. "Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and stupid; humans are incredibly slow, inaccurate and...
  • Issues concerning X++

    Using arrays with CLR interop

    Currently there is no way to pass X++ native arrays to CLR arrays and vice versa. Even it were possible, it would be problematic because the native arrays do not support reference types: You cannot declare arrays of classes. One solution would be to...
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