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  • Blog Post: When to use Managed Code in Dynamics AX

    At a Dynamics AX conference in summer 2011, I was asked for guidance on when to use C# compiled to .NET Framework CIL, instead of traditional interpreted X++ compiled to p-code, in my Dynamics AX application. I will describe some deciding factors for you to consider. Some material presented herein is...
  • Blog Post: Missing values: getting the System.Missing.Value value

    When dealing with office integration scenarios and when calling APIs that are based on old COM interfaces, there is a need to specify that a value is not provided. The notmal way to do this (say, in C#) is to use System.Reflection.Missing.Value Now, as it happens, Value is not a static property...
  • Blog Post: CLR interop: Passing Int16 values to managed code.

    As you all know, Dynamics AX supports 32 bit integers in its int datatype. However, sometimes you need to transfer an int16 value to a managed method. Currently the easiest way to acheive this is by doing: static void Job2(Args _args) { System.Int16 short ; int num = 2356 ; ; short = System.Convert...
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