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  • Blog Post: When to use Managed Code in Dynamics AX

    At a Dynamics AX conference in summer 2011, I was asked for guidance on when to use C# compiled to .NET Framework CIL, instead of traditional interpreted X++ compiled to p-code, in my Dynamics AX application. I will describe some deciding factors for you to consider. Some material presented herein is...
  • Blog Post: New Option to Log X++ Max-Length String Truncation

    In X++ you can optionally declare a string to have a specified maximum length: str 5 maxLen5String; Semantically, if you try to store more than 5 characters to this string, it will be truncated. In March 2010 we blogged here about the X++ max-length string type, and asked how we should...
  • Blog Post: How to use X++ Delegates in Dynamics AX 2012

    In this post I want to cover some of the core functional aspects of the new delegates feature introduced in AX 2012. X++ delegates expose the publisher -subscriber pattern where a delegate defines a clear contract in a publisher class. This contract is used when an event occurs where the event can be...
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