Excel 2007 Web Data Add-In (beta)

A new way to extract data from a web page and bind to it in Excel

August, 2007

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About the Excel 2007 Web Data Add-in (beta)


The Excel 2007 Web Data Add-In (beta) makes it easier to extract just the data of a webpage and bind to it using Excel 2007. It integrates seamlessly into Excel 2007, and provides an entry point in a drop down menu in in the same location as the built-in "Data from Web" feature.

Download URL:

Current Version:

1.0   (XAW_1.0_)

System Requirements:

Operating Systems:

Windows XP Service Pack 2 (32-bit) or Windows Vista (32-bit)

Required Software:

Excel 2007


Other required software such as the .NET Framework 2.0, VSTO runtime, Excel 2007 PIAs, are automatically detected by the installer, and if you don't have it, are installed for you if you agree.


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