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    Issues with Xbox LIVE earlier today

    Earlier today members were disconnected from Xbox LIVE and found themselves unable to log back in. This impacted LIVE users on Xbox 360 consoles, those running Zune & Games for Windows LIVE software on PCs, and Windows Phone. This began just after...
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    Xbox 360 Dashboard Update - The Day After Edition

    After a long night of troubleshooting and tweaking by the team, I'm happy to be able to say that your experience on LIVE will be greatly improved today. Yesterday a number of people were having problems downloading the update, updating the avatars...
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    Today's Xbox 360 Dashboard update

    There's a ton of new functionality in this update including Zune Music, ESPN, improved voice chat quality, enhanced Family Settings, and more. You can find a more complete listing of what's new on Major Nelson's blog . As with any significant update...
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    Are you Reach Ready?

    The folks at @XboxSupport have assembled seven tips to help you make sure that you're Reach Ready. While you're waiting to pick your copy of the game up check them out: Get Reach Ready Tip #1: Test your connection to Xbox LIVE for Noble strength...
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    Modern Warfare 2 Matchmaking Update - The Speed of Light Edition

    We’ve opened up the hood on Xbox LIVE and tinkered with how matchmaking works for Modern Warfare 2. It’s not a dramatic change, and the majority of our users won’t see any difference – but a certain subset of you should be happier now. When you...
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    Original Xbox support on Xbox LIVE ends today

    Later today we’ll be turning off the ability for original Xboxes to connect to Xbox LIVE. It’s the end of an era, and there’s definitely an odd vibe in the air at Xbox HQ right now. Re-Volt, Ghost Recon, MechAssault, RTCW, Halo 2 and more – we’ll miss...
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    Xbox 360 System Update – USB Memory Support

    Starting at 0200 Pacific on April 6th we’ll be rolling a system update out on Xbox LIVE – to see what time that is for you, click here . It may take a few hours for everyone to be prompted for the update. This update allows you to use standard USB...
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    Modern Warfare 2 Matchmaking Update

    First - thanks to everyone who took the time to answer the questions posed in the previous blog entry. That data was very useful. We’ve been going over the results with the folks at Infinity Ward, and as a result they’ve made some changes to how...
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    Having issues finding matches in Modern Warfare 2?

    We’ve heard the feedback that some of you are having a hard time finding games in matchmaking with MW2 since Tuesday’s update. If those of you with this problem can answer a few questions it’ll help us get to the bottom of things. Please leave a...
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    Today’s Xbox LIVE issues – Modern Warfare 2, Matchmaking, and Billing.

    Through a process failure on our part, the Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package was released this morning before the Title Update (TU) for MW2 was available. Unfortunately, the Stimulus Package doesn’t function correctly without the TU. Once they had...
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    …aaaaand we’re back!

    Please consider us to have extended the usual “sorry this blog has been quiet for so long” apology. We know that you’ve read many of them so we’re going to save you from having to read another one here and move on. While we’ve been gone some pretty...
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    Did you know you don’t have to call support to get help?

    The Solutions channel is In-dash, and Xbox LIVE is now on Twitter and Facebook! Hey there Xbox fans, I’m DJ (aka Shreddy), and it’s about time I chimed in. Don’t want to have to call the call center to get support? Well, for most things you don’t have...
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    It’s Dashboard Update time!

    For those of you who signed up for the Public Preview, you’re already running the latest and greatest version of the Dashboard. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the early access, and we’d like to thank you for all the great feedback in the Preview forums on Xbox...
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    What we’ve been up to lately?

    It’s been a pretty crazy couple of months around here. I’ll try not to repeat that too often, as I think I’ve been saying that since I joined Xbox back in 2001. If working in a whirlwind sounds appealing, this is the place you want to be. Of course, the...
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    Intermittent errors in Marketplace

    We’re aware of intermittent errors in Marketplace that are affecting Xbox Live, Xbox.com, and Games for Windows. You may run into one of a few different status codes including 80004004, 807B01F4, and 8015000a. It may also show that you haven’t purchased...
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    Seeing status code 80153065 when trying to access Marketplace?

    If you have a child account on Xbox Live and you’re from New Zealand you’re probably wondering what’s going on. This isn’t an error - it’s Xbox Live trying to tell you that we can’t allow your account to download from Marketplace. See here for more information...
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    Answering a few FAQs

    It’s good to see millions of you online again! The vast majority of folks are happily gaming once again, but we’re not done yet. Here’s an update on a few of the topics that people have been asking about via the blog/email/twitter. The case of the...
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    Ok, just one more....

    Since a lot of folks have asked.... We are in the process of reloading around 150 pieces of content - this includes the Sega arcade games, Rockband DLC, etc. Because of how our caching works and replication out to CDNs, this could take somewhere between...
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    11pm Pacific Update

    Most of the new content has been coming up - will get completed this evening. Have gotten a lot of feedback from folks who have both been able to download the new arcade content as well as seeing some of the new content they were waiting for appearing...
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    Issue Update - 8:20pm Pacific

    Got over the immediate marketplace hurdle, and now the issue with the latest arcade titles downloading is resolved. We still have some newer content we need to get re-added to get it up there, and we are still having issues with the 1 vs. 100 download...
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    Issues Update - 6:45pm Pacific

    Here is what we are tracking and status: Marketplace issues - the issue is understood, however the resolution is complicated. While I have seen some great suggestions in the blog about how to quickly resolve this, we are having to do this in a rather...
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    Marketplace Issues Update

    As e stated, we are tracking and in the process of resolving an interesting issue around Marketplace. As a part of the work we did yesterday, there were some updates to the tools we use to load content onto the service, and there are some unexpected failures...
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    Stomping out issues one by one

    The graveyard shift has been investigating and triaging issues all night – thanks for your reports! We’re working our way though the list and resolving them as quickly as we can. I want to let you know that we are absolutely aware of the Marketplace...
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    Thank you, and goodnight!

    Its 3:16am here in Redmond... things are looking really good. Appreciate the feedback that has been sent - we have gone through all issues that were reported and validated fixes for any issues remaining. e just snuck outta here, Shreddy is still barkin...
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    Mulling through a couple of issues

    We did hear of a couple of issues after turning things back on, not the least of which were issues with Bungie/Halo 3. We did experience some network issues between our service and Bungie, which are now resolved. If you are experiencing any other issues...
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