Trying to use your Xbox 360 as a Windows 7 Media Center Extender right now?

Trying to use your Xbox 360 as a Windows 7 Media Center Extender right now?

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If you are, then you already know that it isn’t working.  You’re getting an error that states “This game requires a connection to Xbox LIVE”.


This requirement is unique to our pre-release operating systems such as the Windows 7 Beta.  Released OSes like Windows Vista – or Windows 7 when it ships later this year – do not have this requirement.  If you were surprised by this, we’re sorry.


Again, to be perfectly clear: the final version of Windows 7 will not require a connection to Xbox LIVE to use the extender functionality.

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  • That would explain!  The Win7 Media Center / 360 extender is that good I can live with a days downtime.

  • Grrrrrrr..... does little to console the SO.

  • Just use something like tversity in the mean time

  • Not much of an update.. at least let us know what you're doing.  ie: Implementing code, testing, etc..

  • Well... I am supposing MS does not like us beta testers testing the functionality and relationship of W7 and the 360 ?

  • Stop with the naff blogs and get updating. XBL ASAP Please.

  • i cant wait to get back online      cuz iam bored

  • my gamertag is hunterT71        sooo  add me if u want

  • how much longer will xbox live be up and running    as in hours

  • is anybody gonna write something           cuz if yall R then iam not getting them      ill be back in a bit   just add me on xbox live later   my gamertag is    hunterT71

  • I use my Xbox 360 as a UPnP client with my D-Link SNAP. Works great regardless of any connection to Live since they are both plugged into the same router and are only a couple feet away

  • Has there been any talk about or any plans to make it so one gamer can send another gamer Microsoft Gamer Points?  So many times one of us would not have points or money to get a map pack or Live Arcade game.  It would be cool if we could send some of our point to that person so they can download the content and play with us.

    Many of us have also been having a lot of dashboard hangups for some time now.  When we go to check our friends list or send a message it will stall on one part of the dashboard or another.  Will this be fixed on this update?

    Also, in order to play any of the TV shows, Movies or Videos I have downloaded it will not let me watch them while the XBOX Live is down because the videos require a license that is not on our systems but on XBOX Live.  I can understand not being able to play on XBOX Live, but we should be able to watch our videos while the service is down.  Can this be changed?

  • Just wanted to say many thanks for posting confirmation on this E, very responsive of you and the Xbox team when I know you've got a LOT on at the moment.

  • sry  i just got ur message  i agree   about sendin otha people microsoft points

  • add me my gamertag is     hunterT71

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