Mulling through a couple of issues

Mulling through a couple of issues

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We did hear of a couple of issues after turning things back on, not the least of which were issues with Bungie/Halo 3.  We did experience some network issues between our service and Bungie, which are now resolved.  If you are experiencing any other issues, please post, as we are on the lookout.  Thanks in advance.
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  • hi microsoft folks,

    when you go to download something, it seems to take ages for the featured downloads section to load up

    uk area



  • Where is the new Magic: The Gathering game?

  • Why does the market place say i have to Pay for XBLA games i bought before? Even Gears 2 maps i bought reseted ~_~

  • I can't seem to get the Big Surf Island here in the canadian store?

  • The deal of the week for Fallout 3- Operation Anchorage has not took effect yet, marketplace still says 800 points for it...

  • Hmmm Moto Gp 08 cannot connect to xbox live since your 'Update' either.

  • Sega games from last week missing.

  • is one big "500 - Server error."

    I assume thats related to the maintance

  • saints row 2 online wont connect it says server closed or something like that all the time

  • I can't download the expansion content for Space Invaders Extreme, it appears as a purchase option but tells me it can't download and that my points have been debited already.

  • My Xbox says

    "Server is Unavailable

    Troubleshooting Tips

       * The web server may be too busy to accept your request. Try again at a later time.

       * Click the Refresh button, or try again later.

       * Go back to Home.

    Technical Information

       * The server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request."

  • Oh no this is starting to look a bit messy for a planned maintenance - update outage.

    Looks like the M/S guys have some overtime to be worked, to fix the things that werent origionally broken.

  • also big surf island has disappeared as a download from marketplace.. means i can't play it on my returned console because i bought the expansion on my spare. :(

  • There seem to be a lot of recent items missing from the marketplace, like the Superstars V8 demo, and last weeks community games as well as the previously mentioned items. It appears like the past weeks "updates" to the marketplace have been removed

  • can't edit privacy settings or profile info on says Sorry, this page is unavailable

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