Stomping out issues one by one

Stomping out issues one by one

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The graveyard shift has been investigating and triaging issues all night – thanks for your reports!  We’re working our way though the list and resolving them as quickly as we can.


I want to let you know that we are absolutely aware of the Marketplace issues that people are reporting and that’s at the top of our list.  If you’re not aware, we have a Support page that we keep updated when we run into issues.


If you’re looking to download today’s XBLA releases (M: TG, Sam & Max, and Rocket Riot), Big Surf Island, or other recent pieces of content hang in there.  I’ll let you know as soon as we have those problems resolved.

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  • sam and max took my 1600 points this afternoon but i wasnt able to download it,it deducted the 1600 from my account..i have just tried again to download it and now its not registering that i have paid for it,yet it hasnt given me back my 1600 points!!!

  • It's in your purchase history, you can queue it up again if you want. It's still not going to download until live is fixed, but you can queue it up again.

  • thanks for the update do we have any eta, i.e. can we expect this to get fixed today or is this going to be a lingering issue? thanks.

  • Uh.. Ghostbuster promo codes are not being validated through the MarketPlace. When is this gonna get fixed?

  • i simply cannot open this jar of pickled onions.

    when is the patch released?

  • The Marketplace problem has been unresolved for over 12 hours now, after following a 24 down time.  So, 36 hours of suck, and no ETA.  In fact, your website didn't even list the issue for over 10 hours.  Keep up the great work, guys.  At this rate, you should have it working by some time next week.

  • thx Northerid lot,i will check out my download history

    i wonder if next time it would be best to do these maintenance things maybe on a Thursday,so that we have already got the busiest marketplace day out of thew way..just a thought

  • Why does the same thing happen EVERY time you guys do a update? DELAY DELAY

    Its current problems are never fixed and nothing new is ever added after the down time.

  • Last night I try to redeem a code for an XBLA game (Sonic 3),every time i hit redeem code, it says: "There is a problem with the offer associated with this code." I couldn't figure it out why it showed me that error, until i notice something wrong in the arcade marketplace, the games from the sega vintage collection are missing. Maybe that why i can't download the XBLA game, because the game is not in the marketplace. Hope you can fix it soon guys.

  • 24 hour maintainence; thats harsh.

    12 hours after; to be expected with the number of changes made.

    I can wait, and you have my sympathy for the hard work your doing. (I do hope you guys are getting paid overtime!)

    However though, it seems there is very little information avaliable for users not knowing where to look for help. And what about compensation?

    I don't expect compensation as I understand the issues you guys are having. But can we have update more frequently to this blog? And more detail.

    Thanks for listening (my two cents worth and more).

    Hope things start getting easier soon.

  • i cant download the mediacodec update to watch mpeg4 files.

    i deleted the old one because it didnt work with xbox live offline yesterday and i thought it was a liscensing issue with my second console and i could fix it with downloading it again...

  • I am waiting for Magic The Gathering, hope you can fix this soon!! hehe ;)

  • The recent downtime has made it such that I have spent more time with my family. Please work faster on these remaining problems.

  • So true Phil, so true.

    BTW anyone heard of free realms while we wait? It is expected to become more popular that WoW and only came out in April (3m players+ so far). Not many can topple a 800-pound guerilla.

  • Like Phil said.. spending time with family sucks. Hurry up!

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