Thank you, and goodnight!

Thank you, and goodnight!

Its 3:16am here in Redmond... things are looking really good.  Appreciate the feedback that has been sent - we have gone through all issues that were reported and validated fixes for any issues remaining. e just snuck outta here, Shreddy is still barkin' on the conference bridge, and I am thinking its time for me to get a quick nap.  There will be folks monitoring the blog overnight, so again - any issues, please don't hesitate to post.

Thanks for your patience today, and here's to upcoming goodness!

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  • good night, and nice job well done.

  • Cool beans team.

    Well, my connection Xbox Live is still crap and Comcast still blames you guys. :(

  • to*

    If you guys could help somehow that would be amazing!

  • thanks guys. i'm certain that you don't/didn't get enough praise. thanks.

    is this site going to remain up after the install? i really miss gamerscore blog, as it was more in-depth than Major Nelson's site, focused on a more technical aspect, and was not plagued by as many nimrods.

  • It is not letting me buy stuff from the Marketplace. You do want my money, right?

  • Getting Error Status Code: 8000FFFF

  • Still only showing the Iron Maiden pack as the latest Rock Band song pack available on the Marketplace, should have been updated for this week, but no go.  Did the uploads not get updated?

  • Marketplace is not working at all for me getting error codes, the same codes I receive just when live went up a few hours ago.

  • Err - where has Sonic 3 & Saint's Rows Unkut add-on gone? I know there's more - basically anything that you've uploaded as new in the last week or so is missing!

    Yeah - real good work!

    Does this mean Sam & Max's release date will be pushed back?

  • Hey guys were is sonic 3 and saints row and stuff from last week and people are wating for sam and max and magic the gathering the release is today what gives good work guys thanks for screwing up xbox live

  • I was trying to look at Sam & Max in the Arcade section, but I keep getting messages like "Can't retrieve information from Xbox LIVE. Please try again later. Status code: 80004004".

    After a few of those messages I did get to the Featured Downloads section, but when trying to download the trial I just got status code 8007065d and no download.

    I'm accessing the XBLM in Finland by the way.

  • Customers are trying to give you money by purchasing items from the Marketplace. Please let us buy from the Marketplace.

  • Yep yep...can't retrieve error 8007065d here in Texas

  • Marketplace is hosed. Nothing is downloading for me.

  • Looks like Marketplace issues.  Where's all the content for today?  I'm ready to buy MTG.

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