Thank you, and goodnight!

Thank you, and goodnight!

Its 3:16am here in Redmond... things are looking really good.  Appreciate the feedback that has been sent - we have gone through all issues that were reported and validated fixes for any issues remaining. e just snuck outta here, Shreddy is still barkin' on the conference bridge, and I am thinking its time for me to get a quick nap.  There will be folks monitoring the blog overnight, so again - any issues, please don't hesitate to post.

Thanks for your patience today, and here's to upcoming goodness!

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  • Great, and I wanted the new Magic the Gathering XBLA game.

  • Yeah, the Saints Row 2 Unkut pack is missing as I'm sure other things are...

    The 'My Xbox' page should use some Silverlight and allow us to scroll left and right on the 'Friends' and 'Recent Games' section.

  • sam and max 8007000b when trying to access from the game market place screen then 8007065d when trying to directly click on get trial here in uk

  • Strange behaviour of  When I am viewing any friend's profile page, it lists their most recent games played along with achievements and gamerscore for each.  But if I click on any of the games, it goes to my own achievement listing for the game.  That is not what I would expect.  Shouldn't it really be going to the "Compare Achievements" page?

  • Some gamerpictures still arnt loading btw.

  • Forza Motorsport 2 auction house isn't functioning either. the forums on Forza & people are posting about the issue. just giving a heads up here.

  • Was downloading stuff from Marketplace, but now Live is down again and I can't get on. Sort it out.

  • It's not letting me download anything off of the marketplace, error code 80070000b, however the marketplace seems to be running about 100 times faster.

  • You guy's really have to learn to stop hanging the red "Mission Accompished" banner up next time you "complete" any maintenance.

    It's been 5 hours - could you possibly get xbox live's downloads going again?

    'Cause I aint saying "Thankyou, and goodnight" to you till then.

  • Still not seeing the Big Surf Island content.... or Magic for that matter... I don't mind to much but those were the 2 things i planned on getting this morning... and oddly, neither are available...

  • to all the 10 year old kids whinging above this post and im sure more to come below this post.. just quit it and bother someone else.

    i praise the xbox live team for what they had to do, i work with servers every day and the amount of work that they would of had to do to upgrade all the sql servers and other stuff would of taken quite some time as i know sql server can be a bitch at times.

    sure there may be a few issues after this massive upgrade to the network, but guess what guys, this blog is here for that reason, so we can help inform them of whats wrong so that they can fix it..

    i just dont get some people, the xbox live team has done a great job, even the new xbox website update looks cool =)

    so thanks from me and all my mates from here in sydney, aussie.. we at least understand how much effort went into the past 30-40 hours now.. not to mention all the pre-prepping for the update.

    good work team, looking foward to seeing the new cool features in the next big dashboard update =)



  • Games for Windows LIVE marketplace client won't login and keeps returning this error:

    "The remote server returned an error:

    (400) Bad Request.

  • The new arcade releases Magic: The Gathering and Sam 'N Max: Season One can still not be downloaded from the XBL Marketplace.

  • When I try to get the Sam & Max demo I get error code 8007065d.

    I don't see Magic: The Gathering or Rocket Riot at all.

  • Sam and Max gives an error code on trial and full versions.

    Magic the Gathering isn't even showing up.

    And.... the Lips free track page directs you to a list of songs that don't include......the free track..

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