Thank you, and goodnight!

Thank you, and goodnight!

Its 3:16am here in Redmond... things are looking really good.  Appreciate the feedback that has been sent - we have gone through all issues that were reported and validated fixes for any issues remaining. e just snuck outta here, Shreddy is still barkin' on the conference bridge, and I am thinking its time for me to get a quick nap.  There will be folks monitoring the blog overnight, so again - any issues, please don't hesitate to post.

Thanks for your patience today, and here's to upcoming goodness!

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  • All of the arcade market place is stuffed for me.

  • I'm from Sydney, Australia, and am disgusted with this 6 hour long information blackout, along with the ongoing network issues.

    Somethings screwed, and there's not even the slightest mention of it. Major Nelson too actually is reporting the "all clear".

    So sorry "mates" - this is another example of microsoft going to sleep on the job.

    And seriously jaydee sucking up to M$ won't get them to pay attention to Australia's pathetic live service any less.

  • The Gamestop codes for Ghostbusters are not being recognized on live possibly Best Buy's as well


  • I would be nice for someone to at least pop in and say we're aware, we're working on it. eta...

  • I was able to queue a download through, but my console halted @ 0% and popped up can't download this specific error #

  • same here. Nothing works on the marketplace right now for me.

  • I cannot sign in to

  • Same problems with the marketplace and I can't login in to

  • Sorry for the double post but I forget to say that I'm italian

  • Yesterday before the maintenance began the Wolverine Arena add-on went missing - now it's back.

    I noticed now also (along with loads of you all) that the (old) new Sega games are gone, along with the Saints Row 2 Unkut pack.

    Kinda like evertything reset back a week or so ago.

    But a couple of hours after they turned it back on today Sam & Max were uploaded - so where's the Saint's & Sega stuff?

    Shouldn't that stuff have gone back on before anything new? (In theory - lets pretend everything's working).

  • My copy of Wii sports wont load at all!!!

    Whats going on

  • It would be nice to be able to redeem the code that came in my Ghostbusters game yesterday I get errors that it's invalid whether its on marketplace or on the box itself.

  • despritly awaiting Magic the Gathering today :(

  • I think there may be some problems between your guys and Bungie.

    The Halo 3 stats and Friends Online list is not showing up. Our gamercards are though.

    I have posted this on, I don't know if it will be read by the Bungie Web team. Just thought I'd let you guys know.

  • It'd be nice to at least get some news on the issue. Surely someone can acknowledge this problem.

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