Thank you, and goodnight!

Thank you, and goodnight!

Its 3:16am here in Redmond... things are looking really good.  Appreciate the feedback that has been sent - we have gone through all issues that were reported and validated fixes for any issues remaining. e just snuck outta here, Shreddy is still barkin' on the conference bridge, and I am thinking its time for me to get a quick nap.  There will be folks monitoring the blog overnight, so again - any issues, please don't hesitate to post.

Thanks for your patience today, and here's to upcoming goodness!

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  • I'm getting the same message and status code as Bober999 above, and have been ever since Live came back online after the maintenance.

  • Same error as above "Status Code: 80004004". Two days later I got RROD. Got my replacement Xbox back and it's still giving me the same shoddy error. Come on guys.

  • Just downloaded all the Halo maps and still can't play. What the hell guys?!

    Keep getting ... Status Code: 80004004

  • Now I get Status code: 8000ffff

    All I want to do is play Halo!

  • i need to download maps form but it wont let me for halo3

  • when i try and look at my friends mesages party and game invite it says -

    This feature is temporarily unavailable.

    Please try again later.

    Status code: 80004004

    This all happened after the New dashboard.

    Please help.

  • I can't renew my free trial and i'm getting error status code 80070057

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