11pm Pacific Update

11pm Pacific Update

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Most of the new content has been coming up - will get completed this evening.  Have gotten a lot of feedback from folks who have both been able to download the new arcade content as well as seeing some of the new content they were waiting for appearing.

Not tracking any big issues, so e, Shreddy and I are gonna call it a night.  Folks will still be working around the clock, and they are reading the blog, so if you have any other issues/concerns, please post.

If anything else newsworthy occurs, we will post something in the morning.  Hopefully everyone is having fun playing the new games :)


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  • The Sega Classic Arcade games that were released last week are still nonexistent.  Quite unfortunate, since I was waiting patiently for the Tuesday update to finish so I could go on today to purchase and download Gunstar Heroes.  Is there any reason to the absence of these games?  I'm glad to hear the rest of the Marketplace is running smoothly again, but I'd still like to see last week's Arcade titles to show up again.

  • Still can't get any of the Sega games that were on XBLA last week.

  • Still not seeing my Evanescence RB2 DLC yet...

  • I was about to say the same thing. I hope they resolve the Sega Classic Arcade games. I've been waiting to get Sonic 3.

  • Rockband's new DLC was supposed to come out on the same day as the XBL downtime. It's not uploaded yet.. just wondering what the hold up is :/

  • Xbox.com Support section not working

  • When I try to download something from the marketplace, it brings bup this link.


  • Once again... Ghostbuster promo codes ARE NOT being validated when redeeming a code. This includes all the GameStop, BestBuy and Walmart codes.

  • The Rock Band 2 DLC for this week still hasn't been updated as previously stated, and the problem with the Iron Maiden pack only showing the full pack and not individual songs has yet to be handled.

  • Now when I try to redeem my GhostBusters pre-order code it says "the offer has expired or is not available in my region." I'm in the U.S... So yeah.

  • support.xbox.com is still down; that would seem to be a big issue that many of us are tracking.

  • Tried to access the auction house in Forza Motorsport 2 about an hour ago and got the message that it was unavailable.

  • Not sure if you guys are aware of this or not, but when looking at friends profiles, instead of their recent achievements showing, its the person who is signed ins recent achievements for the friends most recently played game.

    Keep up the great work guys, I know how hard this stuff can be to get perfected... you are doing really well all things considering.

  • Also, when clicking on a friends recently played game (this is all on xbox.com just in case it wasn't clear), instead of getting an achievement comparison, it takes you to your own achievements for that game.

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