Answering a few FAQs

Answering a few FAQs

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It’s good to see millions of you online again!  The vast majority of folks are happily gaming once again, but we’re not done yet.  Here’s an update on a few of the topics that people have been asking about via the blog/email/twitter.


The case of the missing content:

The missing content has been found!  The Sega XBLA titles, Burnout: Paradise Big Surf Island, the latest Rock Band content, and the rest are now available.  Enjoy!


The Optional Media Update:

A number of people have asked about this.  It’s working now – I just verified it myself - but there is a special restriction around it that can be confusing.  You can only download the OMU on a single console per gamertag.  If you need to download on another console – for instance, if you have two 360s  – you’ll need to use a different account on each console.  If you don’t have a second account you can create a new Silver account and that’ll work fine.


Slowness and/or timeouts with

Some people are having no problems with the site while it’s not working for others.  This is one of our top priorities right now and we’ll get it resolved ASAP.


The Forza 2 Auction House isn’t working:

We’re aware of this and are currently working with the folks at Turn 10 on it.  We’ll get it resolved as soon as we can.


EDIT @ 5:20PM

Comparing Games on

There have been a number of questions around viewing the achievements of friends on  When you view someone's profile you'll now see a link for "Compare Games".



There have been a lot of requests for more details about what we did on Tuesday.  Look for a post from me in the next few days on the subject.

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  • XNA Creators Club Game Studio Connect is still missing (in the US)

  • I'm still getting the error message "Cannot retrieve information from Xbox Live" but the content does show and I can download.

    Thought it was a tad wierd, so I'm just letting you know :)

  • Thanks for the update,

    good luck with

  • Problem: My console keeps super crashing when I try to download Rocket Riot. First, it feezes. I can turn the box off with the front button, but I can't turn it back on with the controller until I completely unplug it and plug it back in.

  • roket riot download still does not work

    my location is germany

  • "There have been a lot of requests for more details about what we did on Tuesday.  Look for a post from me in the next few days on the subject."

    Would be interesting to hear about some of the more technical stuff that goes on there ;)

  • Of course it was the obvious answer to solve my problem, just delete the file. Kind of odd that it doesn't handle errors, though.

  • The COD World at War Map Packs are not showing up in the game for myself and others.

  • Thank you, all is working nice in sweden now, even better than before. They must have seen the problem when they did this service. Anyway, god job everyone.

    Now I will just wait for the movie marketplace to come to us...



  • I still can't download the Co-Op and  Power Pack for Kameo. All I get is Status code: 80070190

  • Still can't download the Optional Media Update in Denmark. Tried downloading it with the user that I downloaded it with before I deleted it during the outage and tried creating a new silver account. No dice.

  • I'm still having an odd issue. I have a gold account and my two sons have silver accounts. Awhile back I downloaded the Toy Car pack and legendary car packs for Burnout Paradise and I was able to use them fine, and so were my sons. Now it seems that although I still have access to these cars, my sons do not for some reason. Also, I bought Big Surf Island yesterday and that's working fine for all of us.

    I tried re-downloading the toy and legendary car packs again through my account but my kids still don't have access to them. Any idea how to sort that out?

    xbl tag = mrdatter

  • Still can't get to :(

  • Yes! I finally downloaded the Optional Media Update & I did exactly what you said where you make a new silver account and download it, Worked perfect!

    Plus, I can now watch my movies on my external hard-drive offline, thats pretty cool!

    You are my heroes, Xbox live team!

  • Day and a half later and the Forza two Auction House still doesn't work. Any timescale you can tell us for when this will be working?

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