Issue Update - 8:20pm Pacific

Issue Update - 8:20pm Pacific

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Got over the immediate marketplace hurdle, and now the issue with the latest arcade titles downloading is resolved.

We still have some newer content we need to get re-added to get it up there, and we are still having issues with the 1 vs. 100 download.

Updates to follow.

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  • Thank you for all the hard work that you have put in, I know that this has been a learning experience for MicroSoft and from here on out nothing but good will come

  • so this means we can finally download?! Thanks guys!! Great job, looks like it all  will be fixed on thur. at this rate!!

  • Thanks guys. I aapreciate the work you've done.

  • The website is now stuffed after the update.  Our workplace uses IE6 and the xbox site is now messed up.  Why do this?  It was working fine before.

  • Thanks for all of your hard work team!

  • I'm more interested in this week's Rock Band DLC then the XBLA stuff but I'm probably in the minority on that one so I'll wait my turn.

    Thanks for all the hard work that the team has done the past couple of days. Some of us really do appreciate what you guys do.

  • Great job on resolving the issues I think most of us can understand how complicated the system is and how much effort goes into making it work.  You guys are great!

  • I just wanted to say you have done a great job, but one  more bug that I have noticed is that on Safari it won't let me sign out of If that and the achievement comparing could be fixed I'd be psyched, thanks for all you've done.

  • We do appreciate all the hard work u guys did fixing today's issues. But Mcmax I'm with u on the rb 2 dlc but i waited this long so i can wait bit longer.

  • Thanks. Wasn't able to play He Said, She Said tonight. Kind-of saddened by this. Hopefully In The News tomorrow night we'll be all right!

  • magic finally works, but i still cannot download sam and max? is this just a lingering issue that will get resolved or are there still problems?

  • Hooray, now I get to play Magic! Thanks for all the hard work :]

  • Thanks so much for getting it fixed but I still cannot download the new Burnout Big Surf Island dlc. I live in australia if that matters

  • Hey guys,

    Thanks for all your hard work over the last couple days.  However, something is still not quite right over on; earlier today I couldn't register my console (was getting the same message that was up yesterday about the maintenance), but now I can't even load  Normally, it wouldn't be a huge issue to me, but my console RRoD'd yesterday, so naturally the support portal is what I care about at the moment.

  • "now the issue with the latest arcade titles downloading is resolved."....

    What complete BS.

    I'll bite - Why does Sam & Max refuse to download, and where are last week's Sega titles? You first claimed Victory almost 24 hours ago - now you're making this claim - tell me does anyone there actually turn on an 360 and try to use it after performing maintenance? Howabout before posting an "all's well" blog?

    C'mon guy's - get it together - I was offering advise on other posts here an hour after you "completed" maintenance yesterday - and not a damn thing has been corrected!

    Fix it!

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