Issues Update - 6:45pm Pacific

Issues Update - 6:45pm Pacific

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Here is what we are tracking and status:

  1. Marketplace issues - the issue is understood, however the resolution is complicated.  While I have seen some great suggestions in the blog about how to quickly resolve this, we are having to do this in a rather time intensive way.  I know I am taking a big risk in this crowd by suggesting an ETA, but we are reasonably confident we will have this working within about 2 hours, so by 8:45pm Pacific.
  2. Double Purchase - the poor experience related to attempts to re-download these new pieces of content is resolved.  Once issue 1 is fixed, when you attempt to download again, it should show the item as purchased and the option to download again.
  3. Achievements comparison between friends on - this issue is understood and a fix will be going in tomorrow.

Will send an update when #1 is resolved.  Thanks again for all the updates/feedback.

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  • Internet Browser for the Xbox 360?

    Please. lol I hate begging..

  • Windows updates?

    The last full public server release was 2008 was it not? Please tell me you guys didn't install a server version that hadn't even hit the public yet. Everyone knows you always wait to upgrade until the first service pack is released. Come on now... :-p

  • Get those new games up please!

  • I can see the future . . .

    In 2 hours. . .

    XBLA back online

    DoS error

    XBLA back offline

    XBLA online

    DoS error again

    Just kidding though; a DoS error is about as likely as Hell freezing over (again).

  • Someone may have said this already but why not roll out a few changes a night.  At least as small as you can allow.  This way problems would be more isolated and it would give more tweaking time to the next updates.

  • Next have you looked at chumby.I wood like sea my xbox game score and friends zune music play on windows live frame it.And zune friends on windows live music plays.

    Displays the Xbox Gamer Tag panel with Gamer Tile, Rep, Score, Zone, and last 5 games played.

    Keep track of your Xbox Live Friends - see what they are playing and when they are online. Configuration: a comma separated list of gamertags. Choose between two types of display: five or three (with more information) entries per screen.

    I sould bee do all the above with the zune on windows live frame it.

  • Just wanted to show appreciation.  Thanks!

  • Cool thanks for the info, glad to hear things are coming along.

  • thanks again, i know that i for one have been highly critical at times...perhaps too critical, and i just want you to know i appreciate the updates.

    i think people would be happier with updates like this, because they feel like they are in the loop. i can handle delays as long as i know whats going on and not in the thanks again, sincerely.

  • Internet Browser for the Xbox 360 Please!


    Copy+paste the above if you would like a Internet Browser for the Xbox 360. Lets show 'em out appreciation! =)

  • Well since I'm here i would like to make a suggestion, I'm not a tech person and don't understand what has happened, but i would like to suggest that maybe in the future maintenance and game release dates not be so close together.

    Thank you.

  • You guys are cool.  Thanks for posting such an in depth update! More than Major Nelson does.

  • , stop screwing up xbox live for stuff we don't need.   We don't need facebook on 360 or twitter.  or that stupid prject natal that nobody will ever use.

    Just give us a damn download link for Magic the Gathering.

  • Dude, Enkeixpress, a browser would suck. Nobody else wants that. Stop spamming.

  • Hope things are going well, thanks for keeping us updated. Sam and Max, you will be mine...

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