Issues Update - 6:45pm Pacific

Issues Update - 6:45pm Pacific

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Here is what we are tracking and status:

  1. Marketplace issues - the issue is understood, however the resolution is complicated.  While I have seen some great suggestions in the blog about how to quickly resolve this, we are having to do this in a rather time intensive way.  I know I am taking a big risk in this crowd by suggesting an ETA, but we are reasonably confident we will have this working within about 2 hours, so by 8:45pm Pacific.
  2. Double Purchase - the poor experience related to attempts to re-download these new pieces of content is resolved.  Once issue 1 is fixed, when you attempt to download again, it should show the item as purchased and the option to download again.
  3. Achievements comparison between friends on - this issue is understood and a fix will be going in tomorrow.

Will send an update when #1 is resolved.  Thanks again for all the updates/feedback.

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  • Awesome, thanks for the update

  • thanks!  That the 8:45 is a guess is understood.  I'm sure we are all grateful just to have an idea of what you are hoping for .

  • Thank you for the update. Even if it isn't fixed by 8:45 it's still nice to know that a fix will be ready soon.

    Thanks for the hard work.

  • awesome thanks so much for this update and keeping us all informed!

  • Thanks for the guess. i'll check back before i get too excited.

  • "While I have seen some great suggestions in the blog about how to quickly resolve this..." - What suggestions have people brought up?

    I mean, you've got fanboys whining and screaming about how it's unacceptable, it's horrible, terrible service, get off your ass and get it done.... You've got people who are more understanding of your plight, telling everyone to essentially shut up and stop whining... but we're just spectators to this issue, we're not on the technical team or are involved in any real resolution.

    Most people who might be writing on here wouldn't have graduated either high school or a post-secondary school, so it does beg the question: What suggestions have people really had?

  • Thanks for keeping us posted. Back to the PC for now it is then.

  • I'll be fast asleep dreaming of all the MTG I could have been playing over the past day.  Now I wont' get to touch it until Monday or Tuesday.  Boo-urns.

  • This blog is Excellent, I am so Interested in Xbox 360 & the technology of it & whatnot.. Fantastic!

    Anyway, I've been wanting to ask you guys this for Ages!! lol

    Will we ever see a Internet Browser for the Xbox 360..?

    It'd be very awesome & I find it very strange that you guys haven't thought of the idea yet.

    Please can I have an answer to that? =D

  • Yes, thanks for the update. I've been eagerly awaiting this weeks RB DLC, but I'm surely not going to spaz about it.

    What a lot of the whiners don't seem to grasp is this is costing you guys a bunch of money every minute there are marketplace issues. As bad as some XBL users might want to download something, I know MS wants it back up even more.

  • That's a good update.  Thanks.

  • I know how frustrating and stressful this kinda thing can be.  I support an application that, if it goes down and no one jumps, we can be fined millions.  I know the pain.

    If you run into me in Seattle at PAX, I'll buy the whole ops team a round.

  • Next time the Marketplace database gets trashed, make sure you have a recent full backup.

  • thanks for the hard work, i know you're doing your best.

  • Thank you for the update, I am sure that you guys are working your hardest to get this done. I m glad that we have an estimated time that it will be back online, for me it will be 10:45 about the comerical(sp) for Family Guy

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